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2010 Drug Awareness Day

GFD was asked to participate along with the Ascension Parish School Board, City of Gonzales, Gonzales Police Department and Ascension Counseling Center at the 23rd Annual Drug Awareness Day held at the Gonzales Civic Center on October 26th 2010. Throughout the day, more than 1000 Ascension Parish students sat to listen to the guest speaker. Guest speaker was Mr. Keith Deltano whom has worked with children as a former military police officer, public school teacher,  youth counselor just to name a few. Mr. Deltano spoke to the children not traditionally about "Say No to Drugs”, but bullying. Keith gave the students pointers about how to stop bullying, not letting a bully get an "emotional reaction”, not letting them get "attention” and having the courage enough to speak up. He challenged the students to go out and be "anti- bullies”. He explained to the students it is okay to not fit in, it’s okay to be different and to be proud of who you are. Celebrate being different! What clothes you wear, what you look like or what sports you play doesn’t make who you are. What other people think of you doesn’t make you who you are; YOU make who you are!


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