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Golden Rule Daycare

On Oct 27, 2010, Golden Rule Daycare came by Station 10 with a group of kiddos for a tour of the Gonzales Fire Department. Youngsters ages 4 & 5 and their parents got to see firefighters dressed out in full gear and even some got to put it on themselves. Firefighters spoke to the children about fire safety, "Stop, Drop and Roll” the Edith Drill, smoke detectors and in case of a fire not be scared of the firefighters. They explained that they wear big clothes (bunker gear) to protect them, breathing machines (SCBA) to help them breathe while in smoke and may look different, but they are there to help! They were able to look at the engines and see all the equipment that is used for fighting fires. The children also got to tour the inside of the station. They were able to see where the firefighters do their paperwork, where they eat, where they sleep and even got see the Fire Chief’s office.


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