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Gonzales SWAT Medics Train

The Gonzales Fire Department works closely with all departments in the city, none more closely than the Gonzales Police Department.  Since 2004, the Gonzales Police Department has had a fully operational SWAT team, technically called SORT. (Special Operation Response Team)  Since its inception, Chief Preston Landry has been on the team as the lead medic.  He has received hundreds of hours of training in both the tactical and medical side.  Recently, the other full-time medic spot on the team was filled by Captain Cagnolatti.  Both of these paramedics, along with the entire team, took part in an Intermediate and Advanced SWAT school in the last week of September, instructed by Commander G.P. Smith of Jacksonville Beach Police Department.  There, he serves as the Commander of their SWAT team.  The school included training in defensive tactics, tactical shooting, gas mask operations, simulated ammunition training, night vision movement and shooting, vehicle take-downs and special vehicle assaults.  The ten-member team trained for 50 hours over four days, and received several commendations from the Commander throughout the course.  Many thanks go out to Commander Smith for helping to give the Gonzales SORT Team the tools and knowledge necessary to provide even better protection and service to the citizens of Gonzales.  The collaborative efforts between these two departments have helped to create a very strong and effective SORT team.  The two departments work side by side on a daily basis to ensure a safer community for the City of Gonzales. 

Gonzales Police SORT

WAFB News came out on the final day to cover the story of the class.  Click here to go to the WAFB website to see the video. 


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