City of Gonzales Public Safety Center

The City of Gonzales Public Safety Center is a multi-use facility, allowing for both classes and ceremonies alike. The center is located adjacent to the Gonzales Fire Department, and it is the site for many classes and activities for both the Fire Department and Police Department and use is limited to activities and classes that will enhance the safety of the citizens of Gonzales. Instructors at Louisiana State University Fire and Emergency Training Institute have scheduled several classes to be conducted at the center. Other City official groups such as the Gonzales City Council, Rotary Club, and Gonzales Civil Service Board will use the center as a regular meeting place. The center is equipped with a 4000 square-foot conference room with wireless web interface and the best in audio-visual technology, also, a full-service kitchen, storage room and restrooms. The center is a place of learning and gathering, all to benefit the City of Gonzales and its citizens.
The picture below is of an Advanced Life Support Class held on June 14, 2004 by St. Elizabeth's Hospital
Please follow the below procedures when using the building.
  1. Let someone know that you have arrived.
    Someone should be inside the main building; we will unlock the Public Safety Center, and show you where everything is located (audio visual equipment, bathrooms, tables, chairs and kitchen supplies

  2. Set up tables and chairs.
    Everything needed is located in the storage room.

  3. Keep the facility clean.
    Please make sure the Public Safety Center is left the way you found it. Trash can be combined and put in the dumpster, found fenced in at the corner of the fire station.

  4. Let someone know when you leave.
    We will do the final inspection, and lock up.
Thank you for your cooperation, it is necessary to keep our facility in the best condition. For usage and booking information, please contact Jessica Breaux.  Phone: (225) 644-5307
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