City of Gonzales Burning Regulations
The City of Gonzales is fortunate enough to have a thorough set of ordinances created to protect citizens.  All burning inside the city limits of Gonzales must be permitted.  The process of obtaining a permit to burn is very simple.  Every burn permit is reviewed by the department to determine the severity and size of the materials to be burned.  Larger quantities of materials or burns in a populated area may require a fire watch.  A fire watch consists of a minimum of one firefighter to be paid to stay on site with the fire until it is deemed totally safe.  Not all permits are approved right away.  Large quantities of materials may be required to be burned in a hole, which will be dug by the contractor or person requesting a permit.  Fires may only actively burn in the daylight hours and we must receive notice at the time of the permit application when you plan to burn.  To download an outdoor burn permit application, please click here.



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