Pre-fire and Pre-incident Planning

Gonzales Fire Department is responsible to conduct Pre-incident Plans, or pre-plans, on every commercial occupancy in its response area annually.  Every business or vacant building that is considered commercial property has a record in our reporting software.  In that record we keep track of the type of business being conducted in the building, the construction type of the building and things such as hazardous chemical storage, or flammable material storage.  We also keep a few phone numbers on file of employees or owners of the building so that we may make contact after hours.  After all, it would be foolish to force entry into a building for a false alarm.  Once on scene, we can contact a keyholder as long as there is nothing emergent to allow us access for a thorough investigation.  A current drawing is kept on file with the pre-plan so that we can illustrate possible hazard areas as well as closest hydrants, fire exits and sprinkler locations. 



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