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City of Gonzales Fire Dept

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Gonzales Granted Raises; New Positions Created

While many in this country fear that the economy will affect pay or take their jobs, the employees of the City of Gonzales Fire Department have received raises accross the board.  Having lost veteran employees to higher paying jobs, and wanting to raise the attractiveness of the department, Fire Chief Tracey Normand gathered his administrators and came up with a plan.  That plan included several changes to departmental infrastructure to address remarkable growth and change.  Every employee saw a raise to their salary in the new fiscal year, which says a lot considering that most places were freezing raises or even cutting back.  Also, six Captain's positions were approved and are in the process of being created through the office of the state examiner.  This allows for one Captain per shift per station to lead the crews on duty.  Also, the position of EMS coordinator was created.  There are several aspects of an EMS system that have to be run on a day-to-day basis.  Having an employee attempt to manage things such as billing, inventory and procurement, quality control, certification and recertification issues as well as training while working shiftwork, simply was not working.  This position will be an administrative position that will be responsible for just that.  The position will hold the title of District Chief and be paid on the same scale.  Fortunately, Gonzales already had a person to fill the position with accomodating experience.  All seven of these positions are currently being occupied on a provisional basis while tests are being created.  Once again, the City of Gonzales Fire Department would like to extend a hearty thank you to our Mayor, Barney Arceneaux and our City Council, who made these improvements possible.  We continue to see that public safety is paramount to our City leadership, and we will continue work every day to show everyone in Gonzales how much we appreciate it.