Safety & Education
Vehicle Water Immersion - Tactics and techniques for a safe escapeWe would like to spread some awareness and knowledge on this subject following the tragedy that has affected our parish.
Hot Weather Safety Tips These tips can prove helpful during our warmer spring and summer months.
Summertime Pool Safety TipsSummertime is filled with fun in the sun, and what better way to celebrate summer than to relax by the pool.  Here are some things to think about when you are in or near a pool to prevent accidents and injuries.
Lawn Mower Safety TipsHere are some safety measures to take when using your lawn mower this season.
Barbecue Safety Tips A short list of things to think about when grilling or barbecuing this year.
Public Education ProgramWe have a diverse public education program targeting mostly children, but expanding to adults.
Smoke Detectors - What type and why?What type of smoke detector should you have and why?
Holiday Cooking Safety TipsFollow these simple tips while cooking this holiday season to keep your family safe.
Space Heater SafetySpace heaters can be dangerous when not used correctly.  These tips can help.
Fireplace and Home Fire SafetyA few tips to remember this winter!
Carbon Monoxide DangersThese are tips to educate and make you aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide.



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