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Public Education Program

GFD Public EducationOur Public Education program focuses primarily on the youth of Gonzales and the surrounding areas.  We have approximately 1,000 to 1,200 children visit our stations annually for fire safety classes and station tours.  Some of our most rewarding work comes in this form.  Seeing our future taking interest in our jobs brings about a sense of pride and responsiblity to us all.  We have been visited by numerous day camps, boy scout and brownie groups, sports teams and even individual families.  We encourage anyone who is interested in what we do to call or stop by.  If your children are interested in what we do, call or stop by.  If you have a group that you would like to bring for a tour, please contact Jessica Breaux by phone (225) 644-5307 or by email.
The other aspect of our Public Education program consists of educating adults.  This is where we expand drastically into the medical aspect of our profession.  We teach adults in fire extinguishers and basic CPR.  We hope to expand this adult public education program to include some basic fire/emergency prevention in the home, as well as medical emergency awareness and prevention.  GFD Adult EducationWe believe that the best defense against costly damage and sensless loss of life is diligent prevention.  We can never know exatly how much or how many we save with proactive prevention, but we know the figures would be astounding.  Also, a person will be much more proficient in handling an energency if they have had some exposure to what happens on our end.  From the initial 911 call to the post-incident critique, we can walk any citizen through the regular procedures that take place during an incident.  Knowing how the system works will make adults more efficient 911 callers, more efficient witnesses and more effective samaratins.  The overall goal is to minimize the effect of these incidents on our daily lives.  Knowing how we do our job, and what we need to do it, can greatly effect your outlook on public safety. 


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