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Medic 11

GFD Medic 11

Traumahawk design produced by American Ambulance Service. This larger unit was purchased in June 2007 to serve as the primary transport unit for Gonzales EMS. The unit is equipped with the best in technology for emergency medical services, including 800 mhz radio contact with St. Elizabeth hospital and walk-thru cab design to allow for communication and quick access to the patient area from the cab of the unit. The unit is also equipped with the electric/hydraulic back-saving stretcher by Stryker, and served as the platform for a revolutionary time in public safety for Gonzales. The ability to transport patients within five to ten minutes is a rarity across the state, and we are proud to say that we have that capability. Medic 11 is now housed in Station 11 on the north end of the city, and serves as the primary transport unit.


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